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February 5th, 2010

Backup ((RP for [info]icandoitmyself))

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OOC Note: Takes place after THIS THREAD.

Kyle crouched, his hands stretched out to his sides to keep his balance, but his fingers were barely pressing at all against the tree branch where he'd been sitting for the better part of half an hour. Looking, he imagined, like some kind of odd and wingless bird, Kyle had no problem balancing on the branch with just his feet, but that was sitting still. If for some reason he needed to move quickly, it would be better for him to do so in a stable, controllable manner rather than just falling out of the tree.

Across the street, the Latnoc research facility was, at least supposedly, closed for the night. Only a few windows were lit, but the security fence around the building was locked as tightly as it was during the day. Kyle knew it had only been a few weeks since he had encountered one of the twisted experiments that this facility had produced, that meeting also leading to his discovering of Samantha's nature as a Slayer (something Kyle still found himself curious about) and, eventually, to their relationship.

Despite keeping his eyes on the main gate, Kyle smiled. Things with Samantha were going very well, as far as he could tell. Outside of the unusual circumstances of the physical aspects of their being together, Kyle knew that he was feeling happier and more content than he had in some time. The fact that the Tragers had also noticed his improved disposition and successfully traced the source of it to Samantha was an added bonus. Even Lori and Declan, who were both friends of Amanda's in their own right, seemed accepting of the relationship.

Kyle heard Samantha approaching from at least twenty meters away. The particular meter of her heartbeat was a sound he'd become very familiar with, along with the warm feelings the sound always seemed to engender within him. When Samantha was close enough, Kyle sat down on the branch and, hooking his knees around it, let himself fall until he was hanging upside down.

"Hi," he said, smiling.

July 28th, 2009

Out of Order ((RP for [info]icandoitmyself))

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OOC Note: follows this thread.

Luckily, it turned out that the next few days of school were particularly busy for everyone, thanks to a visiting local government official. While Kyle would normally have been very interested in meeting the person and finding out more about the way the state and country operated on a logistical basis, his thoughts were constantly drifting back to the night at the ballet studio, and what had gone on between him and Samantha Ricci. When Kyle had been forced to demur from standing at the blackboard to solve a trigonometry problem, Josh found himself amused that even Kyle could be struck with what Josh called "random wood".

Kyle did not feel it appropriate to tell his foster brother that there was nothing random about Kyle's predicament. For his part, Kyle had already observed that adolescent males had difficulties with unbidden sexual fantasies causing physical reactions. None of those young men, however, were possessed of holographic memories that allowed them to re-play experiences in utterly perfect detail and from any perspective.

It had also made nights in the bathtub less comfortable.

But between e-mails and texts, they had been able to arrange their date. Wanting something traditional and innocuous, Kyle had invited Samantha to see a movie, and was at her door at 6:30 PM precisely.

June 22nd, 2009

Push ((rp for [info]icandoitmyself))

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OOC: Takes place after this thread

When Kyle arrived at the ballet studio, the lights were off and the doors locked. Figuring that Samantha was probably trusted and well-regarded enough by the proprietor to be allowed to lock the place up at the end of the night, it didn't especially alarm him. Instead, his thoughts were more preoccupied with the curious and unexpected developments of their friendship.

After Samantha had left, both Stephen and Nicole had given him more than one speculative glance as he went about his chores for the night. Later on, neither Lori nor Josh were as subtle as their parents, questioning him about just how well he and Samantha got along, and where things were going. Kyle had informed his siblings that he and Samantha were friends, but had added that he didn't know where things were going, not that anyone could.

It was as Kyle turned the corner that he realized something was wrong. At first, he heard a loud crash, followed by the sight of something large and mis-proportioned slamming into a nearby wall. Without hesitation, Kyle put on speed, arriving just in time to come up behind Samantha. Something about her stance struck Kyle as unusual, and he reached out a hand to her shoulder.

"Samantha, it's Kyle. Are you all right?"

February 25th, 2009

((OOC)) Meme

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Kyle as tweaked for RP'ing purposes, of course.

01.) Full name? Kyle Trager (his current legal name, which is good enough for him)
02.) Best friend? Declan McDonough, though his brother Josh Trager is a close second.
03.) Sexuality? Straight, as far as he knows. He'd have no problem with homosexuality, but so far has only had feelings/attraction for girls.
04.) Favorite color? Persian blue
05.) Relationship status? Single, his long-distance girlfriend Amanada Bloom recently having broken up with him by letter.
06.) Ideal mate? Someone intelligent and patient, with enough understanding of his lack of understanding of common society. Being able to take care of themselves is a plus.
07.) Turn-ons? Kindess, sincerity, generosity and a pureness of spirit.
08.) Last sexual experience? Kissing his ex-girlfriend before she moved away.
09.) Favorite food? Whatever his mother Nicole makes for dinner.
10.) Crushes? Currently getting over Amanda. Is quickly fond of Samantha Ricci, but currently in a friendly way for now.
11.) Favorite music? Classical music with complex structure: Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi.
12.) Biggest fear? That someone he loves will die because of him.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Being able to enjoy his family and exercise his intelligence and creativity without worrying about anyone's safety.
14.) Quirks in bed? None, since he's a virgin.
15.) Bad habits? Thinking anything and any situation can be analyzed logically and that people will respond logically.
16.) Biggest regret? Not being able to tell Amanda his secrets because he was protecting her.
17.) Best kept secrets? Mostly the fact that he's a clone who was grown and raised in a pod for sixteen years, resulting in him basically having super-powers.
18.) Last thought? "What would a vampire's DNA look like?"
19.) Worst sexual experience? None had yet.
20.) Biggest insecurity? That he's a danger to the people he wants to protect the most.

February 3rd, 2009

Transitional ((RP fro [info]icandoitmyself))

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Kyle sat in the tutoring room, staring at his Calculus textbook but not actually reading it. It wasn't that he couldn't concentrate on and solve the equations on the page, it was that his mind was somewhere completely different. In a poetic sense, he might have said that his mind was a few thousand miles away in New York City, NY... along with his heart.

Glancing up and seeing nothing but other people studying, Kyle drew the letter out of his cargo pocket and read it for the sixty-fourth time. Six hundred fifty-six words. Three thousand, twenty-eight letters, all in all, but there were only seven that Kyle cared about: "goodbye". Amanada had poured her heart out, and been sincere and honest about her feelings. As much as she loved him, she had fallen in love with New York and her new school, and if she was going to be serious about her future career, she couldn't split her concentration with a long-distance relationship.

Lori had called it a "Dear John" letter, and patted him on the back. Josh just shook his head and sighed. Declan implied that it might be a good idea for him to go out for a night on the town to forget. Kyle would have rather made his way to New York to talk to Amanda, but no one thought that was a good idea.

So, all he could do was accept the fact that Amanda had taken herself out of his life, and that Kyle's life had to continue. That's why he kept his tutoring session assignment, but it seemed as though there were no students looking for math help that afternoon. With a sigh, Kyle lowered his head again, thinking that sixty-five times wasn't too many.
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